Shrinky Dinks are Not Just for Kids

Shrinky Dink NecklaceDo your kids use Shrinky Dinks or did you use it as a kid? It’s that incredible shrinking plastic that you color, cut, and bake – then watch it magically shrink down to a miniature version of its original. Well, I don’t remember having it myself when I was young but my kids discovered Shrinky Dinks recently when visiting their cousins, and had a ball with it. I had to buy some for them, of course, so I do have some lying around that is still unused.

Being the creative junky that I am I was intrigued by this interesting DIY tutorial on the Alisa Burke blog that shows how to make a necklace out of Shrinky Dink paper. Since my kids have not thought about the Shrinky Dinks in quite a while, I’m thinking they would not miss it if I scarfed some to use for a project like this.

Shrinky Dink Necklace tutorial DIY in progressHere’s a photo of the project in progress and some beautifully hand-painted flowers that Alisa did.

I haven’t had a chance to try this yet but I’d love to soon. I can think of so many other cool and fun uses for this plastic as well (remember I’m a craftaholic! 🙂 ). If you want to try this too, read the whole tutorial here, and post a reply to tell me how yours came out. Better yet, post a photo of your finished project on my Facebook page, and I’ll do the same.


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